Want more money and more regular clients? Then take Credit Cards!!! (Hope you don’t mind giving out your real name every once in a while)

Using online bill paying systems like PayPal and Google Checkout have become the norm in the escorting business, but you have to use some skill to pull it off, these online bill pay sites are ruthless when the suspect Escort transactions. Here is the Step by Step:

1: Create a Business. The best type of business to list yourself as is “Temporary meeting and Conference coordinator and on-site Administrator,” providing “Meeting and conference resources for local business and Visiting conference travelers.” Services include: “Meeting schedule management, paperwork and ordering administration, temporary personal and executive assistant.”

The reason why it is best to list yourself as some sort of ‘Business Service’ is because clients will be able to use a company credit card for your services. Did you here that: IF YOU ARE LISTED AS SOME SORT OF ‘BUSINESS SERVICES’ THEN A CLIENT CAN USE A COMPANY CREDIT CARD FOR YOUR SERVICES! Even if the client doesn’t have a company credit card, they can either get reimbursed  for the money they paid you or they can write it off on their taxes. It is such a winning combination and business clients (especially those in Sales) will be grateful and keep coming back.

2: Set Up a Separate Email Address form your Escort Address. I would even suggest using a totally separate email provider in general. If your email is Gmail, set up your ‘business’ email on Yahoo or MSN. You want nothing from your ‘business’ associated with your escorting. The reason why is because PayPal is relentless in background checking new business accounts. Have your business email read something like ‘joesmeetingadmin@whatever.com’ or ‘fredsconfernceservices@whatever.com.’ It should read like your real name plus what your business is. I suggest using your real first name, it will make you 100% more legit.

3. PayPal & Google Checkout Account. With your new ‘business’ email address, set up a PayPal or Google Checkout account. You will need to give your real name, real address and bank account info. Don’t worry, clients who are willing to play ball and use a credit card for your services are not the ‘Stalker’ types. Plus, they won’t be able to find your personal info, but your address may appear on their credit card statement. Make sure everything you write about your business falls inline with some type of business services.

4. How To Use The Online-Bill Pay Account. Now that you have everything set up and have a client willing to use a credit card; you have to follow the ‘Invoice’ instructions through your online bill-pay provider. That entails emailing an invoice to your client. Once they pay the invoice, then  you provide your service. When using Credit Cards, always get the money up front!

This is some of the best advice I can give to people trying to be a male escort, or female escort for that matter. I know BusinessMen love being able to use a company credit card, especially Sales people and Business Owners. This helps make you a little more legitimate. Lots of clients I have really appreciate being able to use their company card and have ‘Meeting Co0rdinator’ appear on their credit card statement.


I am amazed at the spike in users and visitors to this site. I posted it last year because so many calls were coming in asking me for advice. I love talking to new guys, but figured Id do this Blog to pass the time. September has been the busiest this website has ever been. I need to start putting some advertising on it and maybe make a few Bucks. What can I say… I’m a hustler.

Any Escorts out there looking to contribute please feel free to email me: greg.smart02@gmail.com


Along with my independent clients, which is the bulk of my business, I also work for Agencies. I actually work for two, one is a shoddy prostitution ring and the other is a legitimate high-end agency. I use the mixture of Agency work and independent clients to try to create a steady stream of income.

Now remember how in the last blog entry I helped frame the answer on whether or not the Agencies were worth it. The legitimate Agency, Yes, the shoddy prostitution ring… maybe. But the shoddy prostitution ring can sometimes produce a diamond in the rough. Just like in a thrift store you can stumble upon gold. That is why I am asking you the question: Are you prepared for a $10,000 client?

On Rent Boy and other escort sites, the rates are fixed. The legitimate Agency has a fixed rate as well. The shoddy prostitution ring doesn’t. That is why in my closet I have the ‘Big Money Bag,’ which is a garment bag with a nice pair of pants, neatly pressed dress shirt, awesome pair of underwear and some really good shoes in it. When a phone call comes that has a big price tag attached to it, you better not show up looking like a bum. That is why I have my ‘Big Money Bag.’ When the call does come in I just jump in the shower, unzip the bag and in 30 minutes I am out the door ready to cash in. I don’t have to figure out what I’m going to wear, worry about ironing anything, or whether the clean underwear I have is sexy enough.

The magic key which opens that bag is $5000+. Anything less gets what ever clean clothes I got, but for $5000 or more you are getting Mr. GQ . When I show up to the hotel I will look like a $5000+ product. When you show up looking the part, you get the part. So if that ‘Big Money Bag’ sits unopened for 2 or more years, let it. Because if that call comes in and you’re not prepared, you can kiss that money good by. People who are willing to spend $5000+ on an escort are very picky.


My experience with Escort Agencies varies between the most money I ever made to the worst experience ever.

There are two types of Agencies out there:

1) The first one is a legitimately run agency (or As Legitimate as Possible). They have connections at the Hotels, a list of wealthy clients to serve and don’t advertise much because their service is mostly word of mouth. I work in Vegas, so these are the best agencies to be connected with. The money you make is astronomical. They have very high standards and if you can live up to them, then they will toss a ton of work your way. These agencies are worried as much about their quality of product and service as they are about the money they pull in. That is why people will pay a huge premium to hire escorts from these agencies. There is no upselling, no people to tip out, you just show up to where they want you to go and get paid bank! It is very hard to find an agency like this and if you find one, do whatever it takes to get in… It’s so worth it!

2) The second type of agency is more like a “Prostitution Ring.” These agencies advertise everywhere (Newspapers, weekly local magazines, the phone book, online and on Craigs List). They advertise a low rate that ‘Gets You In The Room,’ then you have to upsell them on all other services like a stripper in the Champagne Room. So you get called to the room and collect the initial payment, called the ‘Drop’ (which goes directly to the agency and is not yours to keep), then you take off your clothes and begin to upsell. Lots of times the client has no idea this is going to happen and is very upset… half the time they pay, the other half of the time they ask you to leave. Let’s say the client does pay you more, then there is the ‘tip-out’ process. First, you have to tip out the operator (the person who gave you the job), which is normally about 20%, then, if an agency requires a person to drive you to the client, you have to tip out the driver, which is another 20%. By the time you get done paying the ‘Drop’ and tipping out all the required people, you are left with half of what you hustled out of the client.

There is one huge benefit to working with the second type of agency, though, and that is they let you keep the client. What that means is, the client no longer has to call the agency to get a hold of you. You can give them your number and the client can call you directly, therefore eliminating the ‘Drop’ and the tip out process. SO if you worked a client for $1200 the first time, the next time he calls that $1200 is all yours.

My suggestion when it comes to agencies is that if you need one to get work, then use them. Even if you have to tip out every person who works for the agency, at least you’ll have some cash in you pocket. Nothing is worse then being a broke ho’.

I use any means necessary to attract clients, through my own ads and through an agency. So if you get picked up by an agency, use them as much as you can.


If you are just starting out then business will come in Waves. When you first begin to advertise, within a week or two you will get a ton of business. You won’t know what to do with all the cash you made because you’ve never made that much cash at one time before. But then business dies down. It will be slow, really slow, real agonizingly slow. This is where you need to learn a secret that took me a year to learn: “It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon.”

You are going to have busy times and slow times. That Is A Fact!

One problem I always run into is that I end up with tons of free time on my hands. Because of the nature of this line of work, you make a full week’s paycheck in three or four hours. That leaves 164 hours of free time and most guys I know in this business, myself included, blow a lot of money during those hours. When you blow all your money it makes the slow times much harder to endure. It’s easy for me to say: “Don’t blow your money,” but I know self control is hard in that area.

Something that most Escorts will agree on is that no matter how slow it is, business will turn around virtually overnight and you will be slammed with clients again. If you are going through a slow patch right now just remember that within a day, or a week or two, you will have cash coming in… lots of cash. A phone call could come in within the hour, who knows? It happens when you least expect it. So long as you are advertising people are looking at your Ads and making plans. You will be amazed at how many clients will say: “I saw your listing 3 months ago.”

If you are tempted to lower your rates in order to get a client today, DON’T DO IT!

Your clients aren’t interested in the price as much as they are interested in you. The person looking at your ad right now is planning for tomorrow. People will call you when they have the time for you and if you’re what they are looking for then they are going to pay you whatever you’re asking. If you lower your rates to try to earn a quick client today, you will end up with no work tonight and clients paying you less than you’re worth tomorrow.


With a website you can create your own “Brand.” Lots of very successful escorts have a website. Actually, without a website they wouldn’t be as successful, or even as financially secure, as they are right now.

My Website is my greatest asset. It’s the perfect place for me to upload new photos, place good information about myself, provide contact info and have space for clients to place reviews. I can upload videos (Videos Bring in the Clients) and even sell products that I endorse. My most recent Twitter message is displayed prominently right at the top, so it’s effortless to display my current availability.

I paid $185 for Greg.CallBoyLV.com and it’s made me thousands. I can actually add guys to my website for $138 per person. So in Las Vegas I have a URL that is relevant and search friendly, plus I can make a few dollars giving other Escorts in Vegas a website.

On any given month, my site draws in about 2500 visitors. That is a ton of traffic for one escort’s website. Sometimes I have a month where business is so slow that I want to get out of the Escort Industry and take a straight job, but during those months I see huge increases in the number of visitors to my website. Then the following month my phone will blow up with appointments.

It’s like magic. That is how much of an asset my website is; because even if I’m not working, my website is working for me.
Want a website like mine? Drop my web guy an email: apply@callboylv.com He will give you a deal, I swear!


In 2008, there was a very young guy working in Vegas. He did a few porno’s, had the cutest face and body that could make your dick melt. This guy was on the verge of becoming a millionaire. Clients I was seeing would ask me about this guy because his photos were intoxicating. I hated him and I loved him.

But little did I know that this guy had a little game he played: Stealing Watches and Credit Cards from his Clients. Soon reviews started popping up about him. They were not good reviews. All the reviews for this little guy started out with: Warning, this kid is a thief. Then I started getting phone calls and emails from pissed off clients asking if I knew where they could find him. Word about this guy spread like wild fire and now the little guy is out of the game. He totally blew it and he could have been the richest male escort in Vegas.

In January of 2009 I met a guy close to my age at Krave in Las Vegas. I was much sexier then he was, but this guy could work a room! He was a Superstar in the club and if you had him for an overnight it was going to be the time of your life. I helped him put a listing together and gave him a space on my website. Since he was a new guy the calls came pouring in for him. In March of 2009 he got a client at the Venetian. While in his Client’s hotel room he must have seen something that he really wanted. When the Client went to take a shower he took whatever the item was and ran out of the room. He never made it out of the parking garage and the Client pressed full charges against him.

Stealing in this business is easy, but it’s bad for business altogether. There is so much money to be made that stealing shouldn’t be necessary. I suggest charging your clients appropriately and being patient. The money will come, you just have to be willing to work. Trust me.


Have you ever heard the term: “If you’re a Cop you have to tell me.” Well that is bullshit. Cops are able to say or do almost anything to get you to agree to have sex for money so long as they have a court order to perform a sting. The most important thing I want you to remember is that you have to agree to have sex for money in order to be found guilty.

Without a recording of you agreeing to have sex for money it is almost guaranteed that the charges against you will be dropped. You may still get arrested, but if you never agreed to have sex for money then the Police cannot charge you with “Prostitution.” I haven’t been arrested, yet, but have been coached on what to do and how to talk to potential clients on the phone or in their hotel room in order to dodge the agreeing to have sex for money questions. I know for a fact that my cautionary position on answering direct questions has kept me out of jail because other escorts were contacted by the same people and were not so lucky.

If the Question is Figurative, answer it. If the Question is Direct, say nothing.

If you get a phone call and the potential client asks: “Do you like to kiss?” “Are you into rimming?” “Do you like oral?” -etc… Answer those questions truthfully. Those questions are figurative, meaning they are general questions pertaining to no one but yourself. In a court room, answers to those questions would not be considered evidence against you because those answers describe your own personal preferences.

If you get a phone call and the potential client asks: “Can we kiss?” “Would you let me rim you?” “I really like a good blow-job, are you able to give me one?” -etc… Don’t say a damn Thing! The instant you answer that question (yes or no) you are putting yourself in jeopardy of prosecution because if those questions are immediately followed by: “And your rate is $250?” You just broke the law and can be arrested the instant you arrive.

Remember, questions about your interests (figurative) are okay to answer. Questions about what you will perform on or to the client (direct) are never okay to answer.

Ducking a direct question by answering figuratively or with “No” is not good either. If they ask: “Can we kiss?” and you answer: “I like to kiss.” Legally you just told the client you will kiss him without saying you would. If the client asks: “Can I rim you?” and you answer: “I like rimming.” Again, you just broke the law. If the client asks “Will I be able to get a Blow-Job?” and you answer with “No” then the potential client asks “And your rate is $250?” You just broke the law because even with the word “No” you are implying that sex is involved for $250. Escorts have been arrested because they said “No” to certain sexual acts, but agreed on a rate. Implying to have sex for money is just as admissible in court as agreeing to have sex for money.

How I duck Direct Questions, but still give an answer.

The best way I duck direct questions is whenever a potential client asks them I immediately refer that client to the listing they found me on. If they Ask: “I’m looking for a little oral.” I ask them back: “Where did you see me listed?” They answer: “I saw you on Rentboy?” Then I say: “All my services and rates are listed there.” That answers their question without me agreeing to perform any sexual act on them. If they ask another direct question, I answer back the same way. If they ask one more direct question, I terminate the phone call. I may have missed out on a million dollars, but at least I won’t be going to jail that night.

Getting Paid for your Time Only

If a potential client calls and asks: “What do I get for $250?” You should always answer: “Well, $250 is for an hour of my time and whatever we decide to do during that time is between two consenting adults.” If they are not ‘boneheads’ then they should get the point, but if they follow that up with direct questions or questions like: “I’m looking for a little oral,” immediately refer them to the listing they found you on. 9 times out of 10 when you answer with “My rate is for time only,” the potential client understands. If they don’t understand and keep pushing for an answer, hang up, because even if they are not a Cop, they’re still a dumb-ass. Dumb-ass clients Suck!

I work for Donations

Don’t be stupid. If you are not a registered 501c3 non-profit group, you don’t take donations. If you answered a potential client by saying that you take or work for donations, you might as well tell that potential client that you’ll have sex for money. That is admissible in court. The idea of donations should be removed from your thought process right now.

If you think you’re with a Cop, but not sure, get them to do something that a Judge would not like to see a Cop doing.

“I was working out my ass today. Why don’t you smack it for me.” “Help me take off my shirt.” “Help me unbutton my pants.” “Rub my cock because it helps me get hard.” If you don’t physically force the client, but they perform a sexually explicit act that you asked them to do, whatever act they performed is something that a judge is not going to like to see. To help coerce them into doing it, do the act to yourself as well.

I ask clients to smack my ass while I am giving my ass a smack. I ask clients to rub my cock while I am rubbing my cock. 90% of Police Sting Operations are performed with the use of hidden cameras. If you are unsure about a client, act as if you’re being taped and use it to your advantage. A seasoned Police Officer will know better and won’t touch you, but continue to try to negotiate sex for money. That’s when you know it’s time to leave. If they do perform a sexually explicit act to you, then answer whatever question you want because if the client is a cop, you can claim ‘Sexual Assault’ or ‘Gross Sexual Imposition’. Bye Bye Prostitution Charges!

* If you gave them permission, why is it Sexual Assault? There are many ways to argue this and you may still be arrested even though the Police Officer touched you sexually. However, the primary argument for Sexual Assault would be that the Police Officer acted in an “Immoral Manner.” If there was a sting operation to bust crack users and the police officer decided to smoke crack too, how would that look to a judge? If you fight your charges along that line, then there will be a favorable outcome.


An “Upsell” is the process of getting more money from a client for extra services. In the world of Erotic Massage, anything after the massage is an upsell. So you have the Masseur stop by for $90, then it costs extra to have the Masseur give you a “Happy Ending.” Happy Endings can cost $100 to $300 depending on what type of Happy Ending the client is looking for. The $90 gets you in the door because that’s a low rate, but if the client wants more then they have to pay more.

Escorts working for Escort Agencies make all their money from Upselling their clients. I work on Stand-By for an Agency in Las Vegas and they charge $300 to get me in the room naked and if the client wants anything else, which is exactly what they do want, then I have to Upsell it because the $300 is not mine, it belongs to the Agency. My goal is to earn $700 from that client bringing his total bill to $1000 for an hour’s worth of time. It isn’t easy to do and I have been told to “Get the Fuck Out Of My Room” quite a few times, but when the client agrees to the rate it is the easiest money I ever made.

So how do you Upsell? It easy. If a client wants you to do something that you don’t feel comfortable doing to him or for him, then ask for a little bit more.

For Example: I don’t bottom for clients. I don’t advertise as a bottom, nor do I advertise as Versatile. But I do have photos of my sweet little hot ass in my advertisements to get clients enticed. When I’m with a client and they are ready to fuck, if their cock is not enormous and they are not grotesque, I inform them that if they were to give me a “Large Enough Tip,” then bottoming might be an option.

Now some guys Upsell for $150 or $250 for bottoming, but I charge $500 on top of my regular $250. I charge $500 partly as a deterrent and partly as a money maker. Most of the time the client chooses not to pay the $500 and is happy with everything else that we do, but sometimes they do pay the $500 and that is all good easy money.

Warning: If you Advertise on Escort Sites, Don’t Upsell All Your Services. On sites like Rentboy and Boys2rentnow, people who regularly hire escorts do not appreciate being upsold and if everything you offer is an upsell, then you are going to earn a bad reputation.

My $250 rate gives the client body contact, oral, I’ll top them if they want and I cum for them (most clients love watching young guys cum). That is a suitable package for $250. So when they want me to bottom and I ask them for $500 extra dollars, if the client doesn’t want to pay the $500 then they still get a good experience worth $250 and I have a returning customer.


There is so much money to be made as a male escort, unfortunately what I’ve found is that once you chart one course of action you’re stuck with it. If you hustle in bars and clubs you’ll get accustomed to making large amounts of money in a short period of time. That makes it hard to advertise a flat hourly rate because when a client calls you, you’ll get exactly the amount of money you advertised and that’s it.

On the flip side, if you are used to having clients contact you from your advertisements, then you are going to find Hustling in Bars and Clubs to be too much work and you won’t be comfortable asking for the money because you already accustomed to the clients knowing your rates.

When trying to figure out how to be a male escort, or what type of male escort you want to be, here are the Pros and Cons of the two styles of hustling:

Club Hustling Pros: Super Fast Big Money, Every Service is an Upsell, You don’t have to wait for your phone to ring, you get people to pay for your drinks, you get to choose the client (so if the potential client is too disgusting for you to handle, you don’t have to hit on him).

Club Hustling Cons: No Steady Clients, Lots of hours spent at Clubs and Bars with no prospects, Potential of being Black-Listed from Clubs and Bars, You will get labeled a “Hoe” from Bar and Club workers, Increased potential of having something put in your drink.

Advertising Pros: You Build a Regular Client Base, Don’t have to put in long hours looking for clients, Don’t have to ask for money – they call you wanting to give you money, Clients usually schedule appointments in advance – giving you time to prepare.

Advertising Cons: The rate you advertise is what you’re getting paid (not too much room for an upsell opportunity), Don’t know what type of Client you have till you actually meet them, Don’t know how ‘stable’ a person your Client is until you meet them (they could be crazy), The Police call Escorts from their advertisements when they’re doing raids.