If you want to know How to be a Male Escort and are ready to get started, you need to ask yourself these 5 questions:

  • Where Can I find Clients
  • How Much Should I Charge
  • To Massage or Not to Massage
  • Top or Bottom
  • Getting Past That First Client

Where to Find Clients:

Obviously the best place to advertise for clients is online. Your options will vary depending on what city you’re in, but there is usually at least one website where you can advertise profitably. When advertising online you will need good (sexy) photos and a Great personal description. Just so you know, most websites charge for listings. At the end of this article I will show you how to get a listing for free.

My first suggestion is to do a Google Search for “Males Escorts” and “Gay Escorts” in your city. Usually the top sites that appear are: men4rentnow, Boys2RentNow, Backpage.com, or RentMen. Sometimes you may get Excutivemaleescorts too, but hardly anyone I’ve met has made money from that site.

My second suggestion is to Visit Rentboy.com. If you are in a small market town, like the size of St. Louis or smaller, Rentboy may not be your best option. But the top escorts in the world advertise on that site. The reason I want you to visit that site is because I want you to look at the pictures. The better and hotter your pictures are, the more business you’ll get. I don’t look at Rentboy to see my competition, I look at their pictures, then I choose the hottest poses and I use them in my Ads. I DON’T STEAL THEIR PICTURES, I RE-ENACT THE POSES IN MY PICTURES. DON’T BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO STEAL OTHER PEOPLES PHOTOS. USE YOUR OWN. Hot Pictures Make Money!

My Third Suggestion is to go to the “Adult Services” category Craigslist. Yes, you can still advertise Escorting Services on Craigslist, but I have often heard it said that Craigslist is the Wal-Mart of the Escorting World. That is very true. Most of the calls I get from Craigslist are people looking for a cheap hoe, which I’m not. I don’t discourage people from advertising on that site because in some cities Craigslist is the best place to do so, just remember to stick to your rate and don’t let anyone talk you down from it! Craigslist, though, is where you will find good ‘Ad Copy’ for you to use in your personal description. Read the women’s and men’s descriptions in the “Adult Services” category and write down sentences and phrases that sound good for you, then re-work those sentences and phrases to fit best describe what you have to offer.

Getting Free Listings:

If you are new to the business then the popular Male Escort website’s webmasters will help you out with a free listing for your first month. There are 2 ways to contact the webmasters, either by phone or email. To find out how to contact them, look at the bottom of the webpage for the ‘contact us’ link. Start by sending them an email. In the subject bar of your email write: “New Guy (your escort name)” In the email tell them that you are new, what your age is, where you are located and that you need help and were wondering if you could get a free listing for a month. Include in the email your sexiest photo and make sure that photo includes your face. You don’t have to advertise with your face in the photos, but at least let the webmaster know what you look like. If you are sincere, they will usually help you out.

If they don’t reply to your email within a few days, then give them a call and do the same thing. Say that you sent them an email, you are new and were wondering if they could help you out with a free listing for 1 month. Again, if you are sincere they will usually help you out.

We’ll touch on the other basics in posts to follow…

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  1. i want to join gigolo job


  2. I was wondering if you had written an article on getting through the first client and perhaps what to do to get you “in the mood” for them

  3. i wanna be male escort

  4. Good tips on escorting. I’m a gay male escort and have a blog where I share my experiences. Feel free to check it out and leave your comments.
    GQ Pro
    Here is the link


  5. hey im new to the escorting thing and i heard that the money is really good…im jus wondering if all could help me out with an ad

  6. I just recently became a male escort and since i’m new i was wondering how you professionally handle a client that starts to become emotionally attached to you. I know how to handle it on my own but since i’m providing a service which makes it a job, in my eyes that changes the rules a little bit. do have any advice for me?

    • I could be “that client.” I have an escort I have used five times. The first time we met, he was looking for a guy with a thinner tool to “pop his cherry”. It cost me nothing. 2nd, third, times at his place for hire, 4th at mine for hire. I’ve always liked younger guys, and want their attention and acceptance. He recently got a lot of succe$$ from a rentboy.com post and from his ad, I’m getting a clear read that he wants clients in the range of 25 thru 45, with lots of cash for the party circuit (versus me, at 52, and middle income).
      I haven’t received any texts from him in about 3 weeks and I’m feeling pretty unloved. While I’m annoyed, I’m also stuck on the kid.
      My best advice to you is to be honest, even if it costs you the client. If this guy is stuck on you, he probably treats you at least as well as your other clients (in terms of affection, respect, etc). Call him up out of the blue and invite him over for a free session to talk over what he thinks of you as an escort. He’ll jump at the chance. When he arrives, sit him down and tell him that you consider him a nice person, nicer than your average client. Tell him that you are flattered by the way he treats you. Tell him that being an escort is harder than it might seem, because you have to balance the “business side” with the “personal side”. Tell him that in light of all of the pressures of wanting to satisfy clients, the only way you can keep your sanity is to have an emotional buffer between the men you work with and yourself. Hopefully, you can honestly tell him that you are staying very single for the present as you work through this early stage of your career. If he offers you money to get intimate, refuse it, and tell him that this is not going to be that kind of session; instead, it’s going to be a client relationship setting meeting. Give it 30 minutes if you can handle that.
      If any of this makes sense, I’d make one more suggestion. Tell him that if you and he are going to work together, you want him to try a different escort or two, and only after a couple of months will you allow another paid session with him. This experience will help him understand you as a businessman / professional. It may cost you the client, if he sticks with your competition, but that’s better than having this situation spiral out of control. good luck.

  7. Yes and what about avoiding getting arrested? I am a straight guy and I usually post on CL in the Casual Encounters section….”straight guy looking for sugardaddy” something like that….i’m getting a little paranoid about getting arrested, entrapped by a cop. I work in NYC

  8. I’m 30 year old man that is looking to get into the escorting . Can someone help me out on where or were can I go to get started?

  9. Yea how much should one charge in a very small rural town that doesn’t even show on the state map

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  11. I do not have more knowledge I am new to escort job

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  13. “New Guy ATHLM”

  14. I wanna to be male escorts. Where i can join and get call from the girls when they need a male escorts. Help me to find some agency or something where they can contact me . I will be waiting for your reply.

  15. I looking to try out male escorting only seeking paid women what’s my best options