No matter how old you are, what your body type is or how much you think you’re worth, never charge less than $200 for the first hour. If you start out as a cheap hoe you’ll never make money and you’ll always be broke. I am 27 years old and I charge $250 for the first hour and $100 for each additional hour. Some guys charge $300 because they are worth it, while others charge less.

Remember that you are going to be visiting guys who find it hard to get laid on their own. For studly or super cute guys under the age of 26, but certainly over the age of 18, I would highly recommend charging $250 for the first hour because you will get it. If you are older, like over the age of 35, then $200 should work fine. Remember that whatever you charge should off-set whatever money you put into that client.

It costs me $30 per client in supplies, enhancers, gas and advertising. So for every one hour job I get $220 in profit. Of course I always try to get my clients to go for more hours, so for every additional hour that’s another $100 in “Ready Cash.” For my average client I make anywhere from $220 to $520 depending on how much time we spend together.

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  1. Hey Greg. great site. Might escort soon and have two important questions that i think you can help.. Is it possible and feasible to use rubbers for oral and bottom(me bottom)…should you charge less for the acts becuase safe sex.. and how do you advertise it safely on the legal aspect.?

    Also should we worry about clients having stds they wont tell about ? and is it common?

    • I’m with Greg. I typically wear protection for Oral and Anal..clients may be offended if you ask “Do you have any STD’s”?

      Just behave as if you normally wear protection anyway, if the client reacts negatively, politely ask for a tip.

      I think.